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Frog inspired rescue

The Story of Frog

by Helen Tardibuono, 

Claws and Paws President

(Who also happens to be Frog's Mom)

Frog was born with backwards knees. He was rescued along with his 4 siblings from the county shelter, when they were just a few weeks old. Shortly after his rescue he was taken to a local vet who suggested he be euthanized, because his legs could not be fixed. Another person actually referred to Frog as "Too Bad he's broken".  However lucky for him, my husband and myself did not agree, and refused to have him euthanized.  Then he was taken to another vet who specialized in orthopedic veterinary cases for a 2nd opinion.  Well, needless to say the 2nd vet said, "Yes, his legs cannot be FIXED". However, he saw no reason to euthanize him. As long as Frog is able to get around and he is happy there is no reason to kill him. Thank goodness we were stubborn and refused to give up on him. In turn he has become a permanent part of our family. He is now a happy and healthy boy, who does not let his legs slow him down one bit. He even manages to get in to trouble once in a while. He has become such a delight in our home making us smile every day.

This is why he is the inspiration behind Claws & Paws Rescue. Therefore, a group of friends decided to start Claws and Paws Rescue, knowing that animals like Frog are at greater risk of being euthanized because they tend to be overlooked by other rescues and/or are deemed un-adoptable, which is not the case. We feel that all animals deserve a chance, not just the cute and highly adoptable ones.  In addition to animals like Frog, we also rescue many other types of animals that are at risk of being euthanized such as the Pregnant, and nursing dogs and cats, the orphaned puppies and kittens. Plus, we rescue the animals with curable diseases, such as Ring Worm (which is a Fungus not actual worm), Upper Respiratory infections and such.

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